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We know. You are handling it, and you are running stuff. You are making things happen, and doing your real life invincibility demonstration. You are showing us all how it is done. You are pregnant and powerful, but where does the baby fit into your queendom? Let’s not waste time. I will give you the comprehensive essentials of what you need to know to about maternal development, labor, breastfeeding, and what to expect from yourself and your baby after birth in the, Too Busy to be Pregnant (TBTBP) online class.

Anxious parents often make costly and unnecessary trips to the emergency room. For a fraction of an ER bill come and learn what is normal and what to expect in a virtual online class with a maternity nurse. Baby’s Here! Now what? Is a 4-week online class designed to support moms during the post partum period with education that includes newborn care, lactation and Momma support in a group setting. Moms can attend with babies without leaving the comfort their homes or even putting on pants! Get connected with post partum professionals and expect and Momma Swag goodies.

If Momma’s Good, Baby’s Good


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