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N Graduate of University of California- Berkeley & San Francisco
N Registered Maternity Nurse
N Advanced Practice Social Worker
N Mother & trained doula
N IBCLC Certified Lactation Consultant

Lanitra Williams is a registered maternity nurse, advanced practice social worker, IBCLC certified Lactation consultant, trained doula and Momma. A graduate of both the University of California at Berkeley and San Francisco with years of professional and personal experiences in the field, Lanitra has used her wealth of experience to develop a unique and holistic approach to mothering geared to address the gaps in the health care system for mothers.

One of Lanitra’s fundamental teachings is that engagement of motherhood is a path of personal development that benefits both momma and baby. Lanitra has been working with families and helping moms to calm their fears, juggle motherhood with day-to-day life, and meet their goals for nearly 20 years.

Her passion is supporting mommas holistically through self-care and maternal development during pregnancy and beyond. She is beloved by her patients and well respected by her peers. Non-judgmental, creative, passionate, quick witted and down to earth, she loves her patients and wants to see them confident, healthy and equipped as they raise their babies. As a single mom with a career she has learned many lessons along the way to pass on sage advice.

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