So how do we engage to be our best selves can be in this journey called motherhood? We can stay true to the process pregnancy invites us into during the rest of motherhood.
Women often:

1. Reflect on their childhood
You think about your childhood was like. You review your experiences and what you want for your children. You decide what kind of life you want to give them.

2. Decide what they want differently for their kids
As you review your childhood you sort through the things you want to throw away and the things you want to keep.

3. Seek out safe space for themselves and their children
Create a safe home that includes space for baby. Moms go through elaborate lengths to create the perfect nursery while they are nesting.

4. Look for community acceptance for baby
Moms present the pregnancy to their friends and family as a new addition to the community. She must know that the baby will be loved, accepted and supported by her community.

This framework becomes the foundation of how we love and protect our babies. This is the lens we evaluate our school selections, play date assessments, values and discipline for our children. This is how we know we are on the road to being healthy moms.

Let's make your pregnancy the sweetest memory!
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