Moms who have breastfeeding education during pregnancy have an 80% success rate with breastfeeding initiation. Much of this success is linked to confidence gained though of having realistic expectations and practical knowledge of breastfeeding. Many make the mistake of waiting until baby is here to start their breastfeeding education. Less knowledge means more anxiety, lack of confidence and an increased chance of difficulty and challenges..


Breastfeeding is not a solo job. Help from partners, friends, family members, and your community matters much more than you may think. In fact, the more educated your support network is the better your outcomes will be. If your partner knows how to help set up your breastfeeding area and give you water during feeds it makes you and baby’s job or learning to nurse that much easier. If your elders and community members support you by creating space for you to breastfeed and encouraging you through the difficult times it can give you the strength to keep going. Connecting with other supportive breastfeeding moms is magic. Emotional and practical support, encouragement and protected breastfeeding space is a recipe for a great outcome.


It is important to know that you and baby are learning together. You are both learning how to breastfeed. Even if this isn’t your first time breastfeeding each baby and each experience is different. Honor your experience as unique and stay optimistic. Be patient with yourself and your baby.

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Connect with you local hospital’s lactation consultant or your community center for more education. Find out how you can attend a live virtual breastfeeding class in the privacy of your own home by going to now.

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