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No more Googling. I’ll help you with all things pregnancy.
Need a private maternity nurse? Consider me your virtual support.
Need lactation support? I offer video consultations for your nursing confidence.
Looking for a doula? I’ll assemble your pregnancy team.
Need a bestie in this journey? Have a listening ear and a warm heart in your corner.

Need organization and planning tips?Partner with me to create your custom pregnancy experience

Momma Swag is all about making you feel confident during your pregnancy journey.
Here’s a little something get you going 
as you walk into that confidence!

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What Momma’s are saying…

{ Lanitra was someone I could confide in and trust as a mom. She was my expert for me and my baby’s health and wellness. We also laughed ALOT she is down to Earth and I KNOW she really cares about me and my baby.


{ When I am with her it is like me time where I can reflect and really be purposeful and intentional on what kind of mom I want to be as a result, I feel like I am ahead as a mom in many ways.{


{ With Lanitra, I learned to put myself first to take better care of my baby.{


{ I know if it weren’t for Lanitra supporting me as I developed into a mom I wouldn’t be as attentive and patient as I am with my son.{
{ I now feel confidence when I wasn’t so sure I could do this.{
{ One of the biggest things I love about Lanitra is I can tell her anything and know that I will not be judged. She provides love, insight, wisdom, accountability and a fresh perspective of how to approach and solve problems.{


Until we meet, remember: If Momma’s Good, Baby’s Good

If Momma’s Good, Baby’s Good


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